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CanadianSolar HiKu7 Detail Overview

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Among the best solar panels in the industry, the CanadianSolar HiKu7 Mono PERC is the most sought-after. Today, we’ll be discussing this incredible piece of solar energy equipment, and discover its various aspects, where you can get it, and how it differs from other solar panels on the market right now. With such an established name, CanadianSolar panels in Dubai make up a large number solar installations, and it is exactly the reason why more and more solar energy equipment suppliers, like Beacon Energy, work with CanadianSolar in Dubai to help catalyse the solar energy potential in the entire Middle Eastern region. The HiKu7 Mono PERC is a monocrystalline solar panel, with power outputs available in a number of configurations, ranging from 585 to 615 watts.

However, the one that is the most popular among consumers (both residential and commercial) are the 595- and 600-watt panels. Lets look at what makes the HiKu7 Mono PERC one of the most dominant solar panels in the market.

Why the popularity of CanadianSolar panels in Dubai?

Among the solar energy companies in Dubai, it is conventional wisdom that monocrystalline solar panels are the most efficient ones right now. With efficiency in the high 20s, CanadianSolar panels boast more power generation per cell than their equally-priced counterparts from other manufacturers. Lets look at what makes the HiKu7 series such a winner.

CanadianSolar HiKu7 Mono PERC – The many features

Starting with the module efficiency, the HiKu7 has an impressive 21.7 per cent efficiency, which is among the top-tier for consumer-grade solar panels. This makes it the ideal solar panel for installation for both residential and commercial applications, considering that the efficiency factor alone makes it quite the feasible option.

On the other hand, solar panels are frequently gauged for their efficiency using LCOE, which is levelized cost of energy. With the HiKu7 series, you get up to 3.5 per cent lower cost of energy, which means that in tandem with its energy generation efficiency, the HiKu7, with its additionally 5.7 per cent lower system cost, makes it the most efficient and comprehensive solar energy module out there.

In terms of robustness and the long-lastingness of the panel, the HiKu7 also boasts some of the wonders of modern manufacturing and research and development advancements made with the solar energy field. Year-on-year power generation degradation is minimal and almost negligible; lower than 0.55 per cent per annum, coupled with a first-year power degradation, which is below 2 per cent.

However, where the HiKu7 really shines and is the reason why CanadianSolar panels in Dubai are all the rage is because of its power generation and the fact that it comes with a lucrative warranty: this includes a 12-year enhanced product warranty on materials and workmanship and a 25-year linear power performance warranty, more than any other manufacturer out there.

Which HiKu7 Mono PERC configuration is the best?

Available in a wide range of generation configurations, the HiKu7 Mono PERC is the go-to solar panel for solar energy systems worldwide. However, seeking the perfect balance between cost and energy generation can be a bit tricky, which is why we will narrow it down to which panel gives you the most bang for your buck.

Yes, you can opt for the high-end or the low-end solar panels, but each one of them has a downside: the lower-end solar panels wont do much good for generating electricity, whereas the higher-end solar panels cost too much upfront.

The best CanadianSolar panel configuration

Which brings us to the ideal configuration: CanadianSolar 595W and 600W. These panels are equally efficient as the rest of the lineup, and aren’t too expensive to break the bank. Available exclusively with Beacon Energy, the CanadianSolar 595W is the ideal choice for residential purposes, as it satisfies energy generation requirements and allows for a lower price point, while retaining all the robustness and warranty features that CanadianSolar is renowned for. On the commercial end of the spectrum, we have the CanadianSolar 600W, which is best used for business units and manufacturing facilities, as its energy generation potential is higher and is priced aptly among the 600-watt solar panel price range in Dubai.

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