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Maximize solar energy storage with efficient solar batteries

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Solar batteries constitute the backbone of any solar energy system, whether it’s hybrid or an off-grid setup. As such, solar batteries need to be robust, heavy-duty and durable, meaning that they can operate under heavy duress and still stay efficient. However, not all batteries are made the same, and that means, that for your residential or commercial solar energy system, you need one of the best solar batteries in Dubai from the top-notch solar battery supplier in UAE. For this, we’ll be looking at the top two brands of solar battery manufacturers that have an impressive track record of innovations within the solar battery segment.

While there are a lot of solar battery manufacturers and brands in UAE, considering it’s the hotbed of activity for solar energy; however, only the best will leave their mark on the market and with the consumers. Only a few manufacturers have gotten to this point, with the two being Soluna and Neata, dealt exclusively by Beacon Energy.

Let’s look at Soluna and Neata, their journey into manufacturing the peak of what solar energy storage requires, and understand what makes them such a favourite among the solar energy community not only in the UAE but also among solar battery suppliers generally.

Leading the solar battery revolution: Soluna, Neata

With the title for the best solar batteries in Dubai, obviously, there are a lot of boxes to check. For instance, if we’re talking about the best, we need innovation in the system. As such, lead-acid batteries just simply wont cut it now; you need newer, safer and cleaner technologies. Similarly, the best batteries will be the ones manufactured to the highest quality standards, are more robust than the competition and are more efficient when it comes to energy storage. No two batteries are the same, and only a few are truly the best solar batteries that you can get. Let’s start with arguably what is on the top of the list for best solar batteries in Dubai: Soluna solar batteries.

i. Soluna solar batteries:

Soluna exclusively manufactures the world-leading solar batteries, and is a recognized manufacturer for some of the highest quality equipment manufactured.

Soluna, based in China, has a global outreach and has an exceptionally strong presence in the solar energy skyline within not only UAE but the entire MENA region. Soluna boasts incredible innovation when it comes to solar batteries; they have an entire range of solar batteries with features designed towards both residential and commercial applications.

Their state-of-the-art Powerbank has an intelligent power management system that monitors energy consumption and generation and adjusts the battery’s performance accordingly to ensure that during peak consumption, battery reserves are also at their peak.

As for the variations, Soluna offers its batteries and Powerbanks in a variety of iterations; with the least powered ones starting from 4 kWh and going all the way upto 12 kWh. Their lithium-ion batteries are also among the most innovative in the range; their Planta series of solar batteries are the most sought-after piece of solar equipment.

ii. Neata solar batteries:

Neata is another Chinese solar battery manufacturer that has a wide range of solar batteries available for solar projects across the world and not just in UAE. However, Neata happens to have an excellent presence in the UAE solar skyline, owing to the fact that it is a dedicated battery manufacturer; aside from solar batteries, Neata also manufactures motorcycle batteries and motive power batteries, which puts their expertise in manufacturing power storage equipment way above the equipment.

Within the solar battery range, Neata boasts both the technologically advanced lithium-ion batteries and the conventionally efficient lead-acid batteries. Among their most popular offering is their 48V lithium battery, conveniently available with Beacon Energy that seems to have achieved something of a superstar status among the best solar battery suppliers in UAE. The battery boasts excellent manufacturing quality, is very durable and Neata itself benefits from an excellent track record of power storage fidelity.

Both of these manufacturers have gained an incredible reputation for manufacturing the solar batteries among the competition and are routinely ranked high in the solar energy circles. With their products, you are guaranteed ease of operation, peace of mind and an excellent return on investment, as is with solar energy systems in general. Soluna, Neata from the best solar batteries supplier in Dubai.

With Beacon Energy, you get the best solar energy equipment in the world, combined with the supply chain efficacy that the company is renowned for. The delivery timelines ensure that whatever you need gets to you when you need it, on time. Plus, couple this with excellent pricing and financing options and an extensive warehousing groundwork and you’ve got a winner at your hands. Get in touch with Beacon Energy for more on solar energy equipment supply excellence.

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